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Cary Cross Trailers Fall Festival Dance

Advanced Rounds Workshop

  • Tim Eum reports:

    I am planning a teach of an "easy" phase 4 Bolero which will serve as an "Intro to Bolero" directed at phase 3/4 dancers. If dancers already know phase 3 Rumba figures like Hand to Hand, New Yorker, Spot Turn, Fence Line, etc. then this will be very easy. Bolero is similar to Rumba. Even for those who are newly graduated from beginner's class should be able to at least get a fast exposure to these figures and have fun with it. This is probably too challenging for those who have never round danced -- it is not an intro to round dancing session.


Tim and daughter Christina perform a Single Swing.

Tim and Cindy perform phase-3 Bolero-Jive.
(This is NOT the Bolero Tim will teach at the workshop.)

Jeremy Butler performs singing call to "Edge of Glory"

Jeremy Butler performs singing call to "Hallelujah"


  • Call our club president, Patt: (919) 228-8588
  • E-mail the dance coordinator, Jack:


  • Cary First United Methodist Church, 117 S. Academy Street, Cary
  • From Academy Street, turn onto Waldo, a one-way street. Park in the church parking lot on the right at the corner of Waldo and Walker.
  • Cary has closed Waldo street for road work. Please enter the Church Parking Lot via Walker Street.

  • We dance in the Church Fellowship Hall in the Templeton Building, mid-block Waldo Street. From the courtyard, enter left, through the double doors labeled WEST, and go to the end of the hall.
  • Map of Church Facilities - First Floor