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ProgramCall Name     <--Click to SortVideoAnimation
Basic-10 Designate Heads, Sides (1,2,3,4) V
Basic-11 Circle Left/Right V A
Basic-12 Forward and Back V A
Basic-13 Dosado V A
Basic-14 Swing V A
Basic-15 Promenade V A
Basic-15a Promenade Full / 1/2 / 3/4 V A
Basic-15b Promenade (Ladies/Gents) V A
Basic-15b Promenade (Single File) V A
Basic-15d Star Promenade V A
Basic-16 Allemande Left V A
Basic-17 Arm Turns A
Basic-18a Right and Left Grand V A
Basic-18b Weave the Ring V A
Basic-18c Wrong Way Grand V A
Basic-19 Star Left/Right V A
Basic-110 Pass Thru V A
Basic-111a Half Sashay V A
Basic-111b Rollaway V A
Basic-111c Ladies In, Men Sashay V A
Basic-112a U Turn Back V A
Basic-112b Back Track V A
Basic-113 Separate V A
Basic-114 Split Two (the Outside Couple) V A
Basic-115 Courtesy Turn V A
Basic-116ab Ladies Chain (Heads, Sides, 3/4, All) V A
Basic-116c Chain Down the Line V A
Basic-117 Do Paso V A
Basic-118 Lead Right V A
Basic-119 Veer Left/Right V A
Basic-120 Bend the Line V A
Basic-121abc Circulate (Centers, Ends, Couples, All 8) V A
Basic-121d Circulate (Column / Single File) V A
Basic-121e Circulate (1 1/2) V A
Basic-121e Circulate (Box) V A
Basic-121e Circulate (Split) V A
Basic-122 Right and Left Thru V A
Basic-123 Grand Square V A
Basic-124 Star Thru V A
Basic-125 Circle to a Line V A
Basic-126 Walk Around the Corner (All Around Your Left Hand Lady) V A
Basic-127 See Saw V A
Basic-128 Square Thru (2,3,4) V A
Basic-128 Left Square Thru V A
Basic-129 California Twirl V A
Basic-130 Dive Thru V A
Basic-231 Wheel Around V A
Basic-232 Thar V A
Basic-232a Allemande Thar V A
Basic-232c Wrong Way Thar V A
Basic-233 Shoot the Star V A
Basic-234 Slip the Clutch V A
Basic-235 Box the Gnat V A
Basic-236a Trade (Boys, Girls, Ends, Centers) V A
Basic-236b Trade (Couples) V A
Basic-236c Trade (Partner) V A
Basic-237 Ocean Wave V A
Basic-237b Balance V A
Basic-238 Alamo Style Wave (Ring) V A
Basic-239 Swing Thru V A
Basic-239 Left Swing Thru V A
Basic-240 Run (Boys, Girls, Centers, Ends) V A
Basic-240 Cross Run V A
Basic-241 Pass the Ocean V A
Basic-242 Extend V A
Basic-243 Wheel and Deal (Line of 4) V A
Basic-243 Wheel and Deal (Two Faced Line) V A
Basic-244 Double Pass Thru V A
Basic-245 First Couple Go Left/Right A
Basic-246 Zoom V A
Basic-247 Flutter Wheel V A
Basic-247 Reverse Flutter Wheel V A
Basic-248 Sweep a Quarter V A
Basic-249 Trade By V A
Basic-250 Touch a Quarter V A
Basic-251 Ferris Wheel V A
Mainstream52 Cloverleaf V A
Mainstream53 Turn Thru (Right Hand Turn) V A
Mainstream54 Eight Chain Thru/4 V A
Mainstream55 Pass to the Center V A
Mainstream56 Single Hinge V A
Mainstream56 Hinge (Couples) V A
Mainstream57 Centers In/Out V A
Mainstream58 Cast Off 3/4 V A
Mainstream59 Spin the Top V A
Mainstream60 Walk and Dodge V A
Mainstream61 Slide Thru V A
Mainstream62 Fold V A
Mainstream62 Cross Fold V A
Mainstream63 Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave V A
Mainstream64 Spin Chain Thru V A
Mainstream65 Tag the Line V A
Mainstream66 Half Tag V A
Mainstream67 Scoot Back V A
Mainstream68 Recycle V A
Plus1 Acey Deucey V A
Plus2 Teacup Chain V A
Plus3 Ping Pong Circulate V A
Plus4 Load the Boat V A
Plus5 Extend A
Plus6 Peel Off V A
Plus7 Linear Cycle V A
Plus8 Coordinate V A
Plus9 Spread - (Anything) and Spread V A
Plus10 Spin Chain the Gears V A
Plus11 Track II V A
Plus12 Roll - (Anything) and Roll V A
Plus13 Follow Your Neighbor (and Spread) V A
Plus14 Fan the Top V A
Plus15 Explode the Wave V A
Plus16 Explode (and Anything) V A
Plus17 Relay the Deucey V A
Plus18 Peel the Top V A
Plus19 Diamond Circulate V A
Plus20 Single Circle to a Wave V A
Plus21 Trade the Wave V A
Plus22 Flip the Diamond V A
Plus23 Grand Swing Thru V A
Plus24 Cross Fire V A
Plus25 All 8 Spin the Top V A
Plus26 Cut the Diamond V A
Plus27 Chase Right (Left) V A
Plus28 Dixie Grand V A
Plus29 Tag - 3/4 Tag the Line V A
Plus30 Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears V A
Advanced-12 Cross Trail Thru A